What is Consumer Intelligence for Real Estate?

What is Real Estate Consumer Intelligence? Your New Marketing BFF.

Help your marketing and sales teams effectively connect with prospects by understanding key motivators and behavior trends.

The real estate industry today relies heavily on data and insights into consumer behavior more than ever before. With home prices fluctuating rapidly in recent years and millennials entering the housing market later than previous generations, real estate professionals need to understand the motivations, preferences and behaviors of home buyers and sellers. This is where real estate consumer intelligence comes into play.

Consumer intelligence refers to data and insights gathered about real estate consumers - what motivates them, what they value, and how they search for and evaluate homes. By leveraging consumer intelligence, real estate agents and brokers can more effectively market listings, make recommendations to clients, and advise them on pricing and negotiating.

Some key elements of consumer intelligence in real estate include:

  • Demographic data — age, income, social status, etc.
    Detailed information allows agents to better match property categories with the  consumer groups who are most likely to buy.
  • Motivations for buying or selling — job relocations, school districts, retirement, and investments.
    Signals like these can increase traffic by driving marketing campaigns and outreach.
  • Search and browsing behavior — which properties consumers are viewing online, trending search terms, popular listing features, and more.
    Amplify your visibility over your competitors with optimized, updated content.
  • Price sensitivity — how pricing changes impact listing performance.
    Help sellers reach their targets with prices that accurately reflect the latest and projected buyer behaviors.
  • Neighborhood preferences — in-depth insights into what neighborhood amenities and characteristics home buyers value most.
    Location. Location. Location. Gain more views buy spotlighting popular local features.
  • Commute patterns — what commute distances and routes consumers prefer.
    Maximize efficiency with finely tuned geographic targeting of listings.

By leveraging invaluable consumer intelligence, real estate professionals can better understand and serve today’s home buyers and sellers. As the market and demographics shift, key insights empower agents to list and market more effectively to better connect consumers with the right properties. Check out our recent blog to learn more about leveraging real estate consumer insights for your real estate marketing strategy.

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