Meet the ONLY marketing analytics platform for real estate.

Get to know your audience with our user-friendly marketing analytics platform created with home builders in mind. It’s easy to get started with a 1-step setup to connect Audience Town to your website.

What we track:

Predictive Move Data

Know who is predicted to move in the next 12, 6, and 3 months

Home Profiles & Demographics

Learn about your prospects and customers: home value, household size, renter vs buyer, income, size of household, age, gender, and more!


Your audience is shopping. What are they buying? Gain insight on purchase categories, payment methods, and more – for online & offline purchases.


Understand your audience's financial blueprint in depth: health, household savings, net worth, discretionary income, mortgage type, loan type, investment type, and more.


To attract your audience, you need to understand them. Learn about general interests like media affinity, travel, sports, music, reading, and more.

How we fit in:

Google Analytics

The basics in analytics across industries, Google tells you what is happening on your website and has no real-estate-specific features.

Real Estate Tools

Existing tools are focused on the where and what in real estate, but not who.

Audience Town

Great in concert with other tools or on its own, our audience intelligence platform is a whole new conversation — analytics that understand WHO is moving and WHEN based on human behavior trends predicted by life events and other factors.

How Audience Town compares to GA4

What we measure:

  • Website Traffic
  • Customers (CRM)
  • Form Fills & Events
  • Advertising Exposure
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email

How to use it:

  • Compare to market data trends
  • Customer Intelligence & Insights
  • Land Acquisitions / Development
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Website Development
  • Creative Imagery
  • Product Development

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