Your audience is on the move. Our real estate marketing analytics platform helps you keep up.

Understanding your real estate customers is everything for your business. Now you can access insights specific to home movers with consumer profiles, interests, and household information, where other analytics tools fall short. Uncover opportunities and take action in every area of your business.

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The Audience Town Story

“Don’t get us wrong. We all love balloons...

...but when they’re tied to an “open house” sign, balloons remind us of why we started Audience Town. Put simply, the journey to find a new home doesn’t start at the threshold of an open house.

The home journey is a long and emotional road that often begins with big life changes like a new job, a wedding, a new baby, a retirement, and more. And with every step someone takes toward that new home, they throw off data signals that businesses could be using, but aren’t.

Instead, real estate companies are plunging millions of dollars into advertising, strategy, fancy websites, listing platforms, paid search, and, yes, balloons. Meanwhile, consumer brands are relying on stale data like change-of-address forms. We knew we could do better.

So, we built Audience Town, the only marketing analytics platform for Real Estate. We give you the whole story, with insights about your customers powerful enough to transform your whole business - because everybody moves. You just need to know when.”

— CEO + Founder, Ed Carey
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Our real estate marketing platform delivers data that impacts every area of your business.

Customer Intelligence

Learn about your prospects and customers: home value, household size, renter vs buyer, income, size of household, age, gender, and more!

Marketing Analytics

Don’t buy real estate ads in the dark. Audience Town tracking gives you deep insights for smart targeting.


Knowing who you're talking to is everything in real estate.
Draw customers in based on data, not guesswork.

Website Development

Build your website for YOUR unique customer demographics.

Land Acquisition / Development

Increase profit -- let smarter and better
data be your guide.

Success Stories

See how our consumer insights platform helps companies like yours be more data-driven and transform their businesses.

“K. Hovnanian Homes is a data-driven organization, and Audience Town’s analytics provides my team with deeper consumer intelligence than any standard tools we’ve come across. Using Audience Town’s reporting allows my team to better communicate and market to their regional customers with more informed decision-making."

—Ryan Clune

VP of Digital Marketing, K. Hovnanian Homes

“Our new home construction clients rely on us to educate them about the latest digital technology and tools. Audience Town is a must-have for us for this reason. Being able to share new and interesting data points with builders that aren’t available in standard tools, such as Google, gives us an edge in the market. Audience town’s insights empower us to help our clients make the most strategic decisions possible, time and time again.”

—Sara Smith

Director of Client Sales, Bokka Group

“Many of our clients are looking for deeper insights, and Audience Town’s platform allows me to meet, and exceed, these needs. It’s also a great tool for persona building, which we use to drive our marketing strategy.”

—Chris Ochs

VP of Marketing, Graphic Language

What is Real Estate Marketing?

At its core, real estate marketing is the art and science of showcasing a property in its best light to attract potential buyers or renters. Think of it as matchmaking for homes—finding the perfect match between a property and someone looking for their dream dwelling.

How to Optimize Real Estate Ads on Google with Audience Insights

To hit conversion rates and save on spend, real estate marketers need solutions to optimize their Google Ads performance.

How Well Do You Know Your Real Estate Target Market?

Understanding your target audience is a goldmine. It's not just about selling properties; it's about connecting with the right people at the right time.

The only marketing analytics platform for real estate.

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