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What is Consumer Intelligence for Real Estate?

The real estate industry today relies heavily on data and insights into consumer behavior more than ever before. With home prices fluctuating rapidly in recent years and millennials entering the housing market later than previous generations, real estate professionals need to understand the motivations, preferences and behaviors of home buyers and sellers. This is where consumer intelligence comes into play.

How to Build a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

There’s nothing worse than spinning your wheels and throwing money at outdated smoke-and-mirror marketing tactics. Here's a quick guide to building a real estate marketing strategy, including a free expert-created real estate marketing strategy template!

How one solar company drove 28% more interest using fresh mover data

46% of homeowners were considering solar energy for their homes, but only 6% of homeowners had solar panels installed, according to a 2019 Pew Research study. Sunrun used mover audience targeting to close that gap.

How a national meal kit service found 20,000 new clients using mover data

Movers want a home-cooked meal. This national meal kit service found 20,000 of them with Audience Town's data.

To lease up in a crowded rental market, AMLI turned to mover insights

National residential luxury rental company AMLI unearthed a new customer base using pixels, mover insights, and intelligent ad targeting strategies.