Audience Town Secures Additional Funding from Wasatch Equity Partners to Propel Consumer-First Solutions

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey: Audience Town has successfully secured additional funding from our existing lead investors, Wasatch Equity Partners. This strategic investment reflects both their continued belief in our potential and also their commitment to supporting the evolution of our groundbreaking solutions.

The additional funding issued by our investors signals their belief and support for the Audience Town team and product. As a key player in our growth story, our dynamic with Wasatch Equity Partners surpasses the norm. Together, we’re confident in our future success and committed to improving the real estate industry with powerful new data and consumer insights.

Fueling Growth Through Innovation

Our consumer analytics platform is getting a major new upgrade as we accelerate development and adoption.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Version 2 of our core platform is currently in client beta, with a general release scheduled for February.
  • Our upgraded consumer analytics platform is even more actionable, offering deeper insights for marketing personas, campaign execution, and performance measurement.
  • Our product is the only consumer intelligence platform tailored for the real estate sector, providing predictive consumer insights at various levels.
"2024 will continue the shift toward consumer-centric real estate. For a small fraction of your marketing budget, real estate companies can finally know what channels work, which means they can sell more, at higher velocity, and for less money.”
- Ed Carey, CEO of Audience Town

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New Feature, Coming Soon: Customer Attribution

We're excited to unveil our next addition to the platform, customer attribution. Soon, you'll be able to track verified transactions for home sales or apartment leases directly to specific marketing actions. Get ready to harness the gold standard of marketing insights, coming your way.

  • Customer attribution empowers real estate marketing teams to prove the impact and ROI of their efforts.
  • Our clients are already using this solution to gain valuable insights into marketing channels and referral sources.
  • Finally, you'll be able to see which marketing dollars are working the hardest for you.

With “full loop” metrics, real estate clients can connect real-world home transactions to upper-funnel marketing impressions and lead source interactions for the first time.

We'll start rolling this out to current customers first, then create an onboarding for new signups. To be among the first to access this ground-breaking attribution insights, sign up for Audience Town today! Get started by booking a demo.

Looking Ahead in 2024 and Beyond

Audience Town is poised for growth. We’ve experienced a 530% YoY growth in analytics SaaS revenue from 2022 to 2023. We continue to experience monthly growth, with a 100% increase in audience data. We maintain a commitment to a "profit and grow" approach, ensuring a balance between financial success and sustainable business practices.

This funding round marks a pivotal moment in our journey, setting the stage for continued innovation and growth in the real estate marketing landscape. Together with Wasatch Equity Partners, we’re paving the way for a future where real estate marketing is more informed, efficient, and results-driven.

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