Half of Your Real Estate Ad Budget is Wasted. Discover Which One. 

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

Declared over 100 years ago, Mr. Wanamaker resonates more with today than ever before. Real estate ad spend is no exception to recent concerns of significant marketing “wastage” resulting from digital advertising churn. Why do so many marketing teams believe their ROI is coming up short by 50%? If half of your marketing budget is going to waste, knowing which half is a game-changer. 

To maximize your organization’s advertising efficiency, you’ll need to effectively identify and eliminate the waste from various marketing touchpoints.

Part 1: The Source of Ad Spend Waste

Targeting Gone Rogue

Imagine throwing a lavish party for dog lovers, only to find it packed with cat enthusiasts. That's the awkwardness of mismatched targeting. Vague demographics and irrelevant interests might lure clicks, but they won't bring home leads. Dig deep into your buyer persona, their online haunts, and the platforms where they truly dwell. 

How effective is your audience targeting? For effective engagement, get specific with demographics, interests, behaviors, etc. Creating an ideal buyer persona goes a long way towards flushing out your target categories to building your strategic marketing plan.

As the only leading customer analytics platform for real estate, Audience Town helps you easily identify the categories that resonate with in-market buyers. Harness your knowledge to seamlessly optimize your targeting, drive sales, and raise ROI.    

Creative Differences

Yawns are the death knell of any ad campaign. Repetitive messaging across channels causes ad fatigue. Avoid the pitfalls of generic copy and stock photos perpetuating an endless sea of sameness. To stand out, craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience's interests and goals. A/B test visuals and formats to find your winning cocktail of creativity.

Technical Difficulties

Nothing is more frustrating and costly than inadequate, subpar software. Tracking errors can paint a distorted picture of performance, while misguided bidding strategies gamble away your budget. A reliable analytics platform is your new best friend. Scrutinize data, optimize bids, and invest in fraud detection tools to ensure peak campaign performance.

Unlike generic analytics tools, Audience Town measures your real estate audience engagement to accurately gauge active buyers vs. casual voyeurs.  

Part 2: The Indicators

Data Trail

Dive into the wonderland of analytics — impressions, clicks, conversions, and more. Identify underperforming collateral, expose dud ad variations, and compare your results to industry benchmarks. Remember, knowledge is power and data drives insights.

Audience Response

Time to re-evaluate the guest list at your imaginary party. Are you targeting the right crowd? Revisit your buyer persona, explore niche platforms, and consider retargeting strategies to rekindle interest with engaged audiences. Make sure every invite reaches the ears (or eyeballs) that truly matter.

Creative Gusto

Don't let your ads succumb to cliché. Research your competitors' successful campaigns for inspiration. A/B test like a mad scientist, experimenting with copy, visuals, and interactive formats. Leverage personalization, inject personality, tell stories, and tap into emotions. Remember, homes are more than bricks and mortar, they’re someone’s dream come true. 

Part 3: The Way Forward


* Refine targeting: Sharpen your focus, reach the right buyers at the right time, and feel the magic of relevant clicks.

* Adjust bidding: Don't gamble with your budget. Optimize bids for your desired outcomes, whether it's generating leads or closing deals.

* Implement tracking: Leave no click untracked. Conversion tracking and attribution models are your roadmaps to understanding what truly works.


* Gain impressions: Refresh ad visuals and copy for continued engagement.

* Control the narrative: Utilize storytelling and emotional triggers to connect with audiences.

* Curate experiences: Experiment with interactive formats and video content.


* Reflect: Conduct regular performance audits and data analysis to identify new optimizations.

* Lead: Stay updated on industry trends and adapt strategies accordingly.

Ditch the Waste

Remember, this isn't a one-time operation. Your ad campaigns are living, breathing things that need constant monitoring and fine-tuning. Stay updated on industry trends, adapt your strategies, and embrace experimentation. Prioritize data-informed decisions to minimize waste and measure returns. 

Help to streamline your real estate marketing impact with a customer analytics platform created just for you. Audience Town measures your success rates so you can quickly power home sales with less spend and greater efficiency. 

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