Here's The Foolproof Way to Improve Your Apartment Marketing

Are You Marketing Your Apartments to the Right Audience?
Cozy up to your ICP and lock in your apartment marketing strategy.

When marketing new apartments for a construction or development company, understanding and catering to demographic trends is a must. Otherwise, your real estate marketing strategy and advertising spend could lead to costly setbacks and delays. How do you create and test an apartment marketing strategy that reaches your ideal customer profile (ICP)?

Remember, your aim is always to be memorable and stand out. The only way to do that is by understanding your audience.

There’s no one-size-fits all approach to a demographic discovery phase. Some methods include direct conversations, surveys, or using an advanced audience intelligence platform like Audience Town.

Audience Town is the only platform to develop these tools specifically for real estate. We offer analytics that understand WHO is moving and WHEN based on human behavior trends predicted by life events and other factors. (Try getting Google Analytics to do that!)

Here’s an idea of common demographic preferences to consider:

  1. Young Professionals
  2. Preferences: Proximity to work, trendy neighborhoods, modern amenities.
  3. Marketing Focus: Highlight convenient commuting options, nearby nightlife, modern interiors, co-working spaces, and tech-friendly features.
  4. Families
  5. Preferences: Proximity to schools, safety, family-friendly amenities.
  6. Marketing Focus: Emphasize nearby schools, playgrounds, family-oriented community events, and spacious floor plans.
  7. High-Income Professionals
  8. Preferences: Luxury features, concierge services, exclusive amenities.
  9. Marketing Focus: Showcase high-end finishes, premium amenities (e.g., spa, private gyms), and personalized services.
  10. Seniors/Retirees
  11. Preferences: Quiet surroundings, accessibility, amenities for relaxation.
  12. Marketing Focus: Emphasize safety features, quiet neighborhoods, accessibility options, and community spaces for leisure.
  13. Environmentally and Sustainably Inclined
  14. Preferences: Sustainable living, green spaces, eco-friendly features.
  15. Marketing Focus: Highlight energy-efficient appliances, LEED certifications, proximity to parks, and recycling programs.
  16. Health and Fitness Enthusiasts
  17. Preferences: On-site gym, proximity to fitness centers, healthy living.
  18. Marketing Focus: Showcase on-site fitness facilities, nearby gyms, and access to outdoor fitness activities.
  19. Tech Savvy
  20. Preferences: Smart home features, high-speed internet, tech-friendly community.
  21. Marketing Focus: Showcase smart home integration, high-speed internet options, and any tech-driven community features.
  22. Pet Owners
  23. Preferences: Pet-friendly policies, nearby parks, pet amenities.
  24. Marketing Focus: Emphasize pet-friendly policies, nearby dog parks, and any pet-specific amenities within the complex.

Once you’ve got a general idea of your target demographics, now you can start fleshing them out.

Some tips for building a knock-out apartment marketing strategy from top to bottom:

Conduct Persona Research

Analyze demographics and conduct market research surveys to identity attributes like age, income, occupation, lifestyle, desired price range, and amenities. Create a few personas with specifics that will inform your advertising outreach.

Compare Marketing Analytics

Next, examine your current website, social media, advertising and listing analytics. Do the age ranges, income levels and interests of your web traffic, leads and renters match your target renter personas? Analytics provide transparency on how well your ongoing marketing targets your ideal buyers and tenants.

Cross-Reference Showing and Application Data

When prospects tour or apply for units, collect key demographic and firmographic data. Note details like place of employment and current neighborhood. Aggregate this over time to determine any gaps from your planned persona targeting.

Survey New Residents

Directly ask newcomers how they heard about your community and what advertising caught their eye. Their survey responses will reveal what outreach channels, messages and creative work best. This helps you continue to refine outreach.

Continuously Analyze Campaign Impact

Set up reporting to have ongoing visibility into the performance of each digital campaign, advertisement, direct mailing, listing site and other marketing channel. Monitor which platforms and messages generate the most interest from your intended audiences.

We recently published a free real estate marketing strategy template that you can download and modify immediately.

By researching your ideal audience, auditing current metrics, surveying residents, and analyzing campaign data, you’ll be poised for unprecedented apartment marketing success.

Ensure your valuable time, marketing resources, and advertising dollars are spent reaching and converting prospects with the best fit. Rinse and repeat as rates, reviews, and demographics evolve.

Transform your marketing pipeline today with Audience Town.

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