A Beginners Guide to the Audience Town Platform

First, what is a consumer analytics platform?

A consumer analytics platform is a tool or software solution that helps businesses gather, process, analyze, and interpret data related to consumer behavior and preferences. These platforms leverage various data sources, including customer interactions, transactions, social media, and other online and offline channels, to provide valuable insights for businesses.

Consumer analytics platforms are valuable for businesses looking to enhance customer experiences, optimize marketing strategies, and make data-driven decisions. These tools are particularly crucial in the modern business landscape, where customer expectations are high and competition is fierce.

So, where does Audience Town come in?

Audience Town is the only consumer analytics platform for real estate.

We offer user-friendly analytics for real estate professionals looking to understand key target audiences, implement strategic marketing plans, and continually improve performance measurements.

Our platform delivers unprecedented consumer-centric insights, setting a new standard in data granularity. Audience Town equips your team with the tools needed to create detail profiles for your target customers on their home journey. Far more robust than Google Analytics, through Audience Town you can glean critical insights such as:

Financial Data:

  • Financial Health
  • Net Worth
  • Mortgage Type

Purchase & Interest:

  • Purchase Categories
  • General Interests


  • Current Owner or Renter
  • Home Value
  • Household Size
  • Income
  • Age & Gender
  • Location

Home Journey:

  • Dwelling Type NEW
  • Number of Bedrooms Currently Renting NEW
  • In-Market to Move
  • Predicted to Buy a Home NEW
  • Confirmed Mover

Coming Soon:

  • ILS Visits in the last 7 or 30 days
  • Real Estate Professional
  • Audience Explorer

The Audience Town Platform even offers Custom Reports for your specific communities:

  • Location Based
  • Pet Ownership
  • School District
  • Thousands more available

How do our customers use this data?

Use case 1: Make the most of your marketing budget by targeting the right leads.

Our customers find out in real time if their site traffic matches who they want to be selling to. If not, they pivot their marketing communications and ad targeting for a better ROI.

  • One of our home builder clients discovered that many visitors to their site are NOT actually in-market to buy a home based on their financial health, net worth, and other factors. Yet, there were many in-market buyers in their target demographic living in their region. This information drove them to pivot their marketing to target more qualified leads in the area.
  • Another client found out that while they were seeking to attract families, most visitors to their site were couples with pets, but no kids. This gave them valuable information about the local market they couldn’t have known otherwise, and they were able to aim their communications directly to young couples and what they are looking for in a home.

Use case 2: Be a change agent within your organization.

Our customers are ambitious marketers who continually evolve their organizations to have a more data driven and customer-centric approach. They use Audience Town’s easy CSV downloads and graphic charts to communicate clearly and effectively, internally.

  • One of our clients finally convinced her boss that marketing is important beyond balloons and open houses by educating the leadership team on the importance of data over “hunch” based marketing.
  • Another client consistently delivers winning presentations amplified with audience Town’s  site traffic metrics, analysis, and charts, bringing the company leadership on the journey to better marketing.

Use case 3: [Coming soon!] Track marketing performance like never before in real estate.

Soon, our platform will also offer CRM compatibility and track your marketing performance, all from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Get started for free today with these Simple Steps:

1. Create a Free Account and Log In — Access our consumer data on 26M+ US based in-market movers right away.

2. Add a Tag — To analyze YOUR website data, we’ll provide an easy tag to add to your site (similar to Google Analytics’ setup.)

3. Run a report — Get your first report to start analyzing your data.

4. Benchmark — Add comparison views to benchmark your analytics against our national consumer data.

5. Explore — Deep dive on a single segment with the Explorer tool for granular analysis.

6. Download Data — Easily download CSV files at any stage to plug into spreadsheets, and pull chart visuals for your presentations.

7. Get Support — Email support is included with every subscription.

Key Reports & How to Read Them

Home Value

Mover Insights
Find out current home value of site visitors

Most site visitors have a current home value of under $500K

If selling homes $1M+, pivot marketing to attract those with higher current home values. Include premium language in ad copy.

Marital Status

Mover Insights
Find out marital status of site visitors

More visitors are unmarried than married

If currently marketing to families, pivot marketing visuals and language to speak to single people.

What are some alternatives to Audience Town?

Trick question, there really aren’t any. While no other platform offers consumer analytics for real estate, here’s an idea of how we fit in:

  • Google Analytics
    The basics in analytics across industries, Google tells you what is happening on your website and has no real-estate-specific features. Google provides little support, and can do a lot with a full time highly paid data analyst but is very basic for a regular user.
  • Real Estate Tools
    Existing tools are focused on the where and what in real estate, but none deliver on who, and when.
  • Audience Town
    Great in concert with other tools or on its own, our audience intelligence platform is a whole new conversation — analytics that understand WHO is moving and WHEN based on human behavior trends predicted by life events and other factors.

What are the Benefits of Using Audience Town:

Audience Town empowers real estate marketers with precision-enabling targeted campaigns, optimized advertising, and effective attribution solutions. This forward-looking approach is integral to the future of marketing in the industry, proving essential for connecting with the right audience amid the unpredictable nature of the real estate market.

#1: Gives you reliable info about in-market prospects looking to move.

  • Measures marketing channel performance.
  • Affordable alternative to qualified leads.
  • Cost-effective analytics support.

#2: Access to unique data points and charts, only found here.

  • Listing Site Activity
  • Credit Status
  • Pets
  • Vehicles in the Household (by type and make)
  • Current Home Value
  • Already Moved
  • And more!

#3: Combines data attributes without fancy pivot tables.

  • In our Audience Explorer Feature we make it easy to combine attributes in the platform without needing complex pivot tables in Excel.

#4: Provides a simple solution for any budget, with an amazing support team.

  • Sign up for a free trial and upgrade to one of our packages
  • Easy yearly or monthly billing
  • Support available with our team

Ready for data-driven real estate solutions?

With Audience Town, you’ll experience:

  • Real-time tracking of home buyers, sellers, or renters
  • Higher closing rates for home sales and leases
  • Community management tools for growth and happiness
  • Increased marketing ROI

Transform your marketing pipeline today with Audience Town.

Ready to get started?

Be more data driven and thrive with our specialized analytics program built for just for real estate.