Samsung Ads Partners with Audience Town to Boost the Accuracy of Mover Targeting.

Audience Town has revolutionized data analytics and insights for the real estate industry, has formally announced our partnership with Samsung Ads, a leading provider of advanced TV advertising solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands.

This partnership enables Samsung Ads to enhance its consumer targeting through the integration of Audience Town’s pre, during and post mover audiences that will increase Samsung’s ability to precisely target in-market movers with fresh, impactful data that has eclipsed the stale data offerings that have been previously sourced by the industry in past years.

As the only consumer insights platform and data provider that understands people buying, selling, renting, and moving homes across the US, Audience Town is the new standard in real estate consumer intelligence. Audience Town’s proprietary audience segments predict when, where, and how potential customers are moving through powerful analytics and key data segments.

The unique data that powers its flagship industry-standard analytics brings together The Home Journey, which can be 24 months of life event-triggered spending for home buyers, sellers, and renters.

“We are thrilled to partner with Samsung Ads and deliver Audience Town’s unparalleled home journey data to their advertisers who target movers due the large amount of money they spend making their new house a home. While people are making decisions like purchasing home furnishings and scheduling service installations, our pre-mover audiences help advertisers drive awareness and targeted purchase intent.”
- John Peragine, CRO of Audience Town

In 2024, Audience Town is focused on growing our predictive mover audience catalog, and is poised to expand our first party data marketplace for real estate and consumer brands who target movers with housing goods and services.

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