Your Audience Report

Our flagship analytics. Your Audience Report allows you to easily understand your real estate consumers more fully than any other platform. 

Consumer profiles, interests, and households so you can find opportunity and take action to improve business goals.

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Generate Consumer Analytics From Your:

Website traffic
Customers (CRM)
Form Fills & Events
Advertising Exposure

Analytics About Home Movers that go Beyond traditional tools

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Home Profiles & Demographic

Who’s your current prospect or customer? Includes Home Value, Household Size, Renter vs Buyers, Income, Size of Household, Age & Gender. Plus more!

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Understand Financial Health, Household Savings, Net Worth, Discretionary Income, Mortgage Type, Loan Type, Investment Type

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What are they buying? Purchase Categories, Payment Methods, Online & Offline Purchases

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General Interests, Media Affinity, Travel, Sports, Music, Reading

When is Your Customer Moving?

Are your customers moving in the next 6 to 3 months or have they already moved? Your Audience Report maps your audiences across Audience Town’s unified 24-month Home Journey to see when they are predicted, confirmed, or settling in to a new home.

Audience Report mapping your audiences across Audience Town’s unified 24-month
Moving Services
Home Goods
Moving Services
Home Goods

Activate Your Analytics

Take action by pushing audience data to your preferred marketing platform to improve your accuracy to home movers


Send data to your preferred advertising technology as well as Facebook

Ads by Audience Town

Setup, manage, and track performance directly through our ad manager custom built for real estate marketing teams.

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Measure Your Lift & Transactions

Don’t guess if your audience is on the move, see for yourself! Measure the impact of your mover marketing strategies by comparing trends, personas and overlift lift in key stages of the Home Journey.

“We do a lot of research about who buys our new construction communities and Audience Town is able to find those specific audiences online using a unique blend of online and offline data.”

Ryan Clune
Director of Digital Marketing, K. Hovnanian Homes
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