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The Audience Town Story

Don’t get us wrong. We love balloons. But when they’re tied to an “open house” sign, balloons remind us of why we started Audience Town. Put simply, the journey to find a new home doesn’t start at the threshold of an open house.

The home journey is a long and emotional road that often begins with big life changes like a new job, a wedding, a new baby, a retirement, and more. And with every step someone takes toward that new home, they throw off data signals that marketers could be using but aren’t.

Instead, real estate marketers are plunging dollars into newspaper ads, listing platforms, paid search, and, yes, balloons. Meanwhile, consumer brands are relying on stale data like change-of-address forms. We knew we could do better.

So we built Audience Town, the analytics  platform for Real Estate and Consumer brands. We help you understand your audience with unique Home Journey analytics, and enable activation across your preferred marketing channels.

Our Investors

When is your customer moving?

Your audience is on the move, so you need a specialized data and analytics platform built just for you. It's time to seize your moment on the home journey.